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*Sailor Twain is a New York Times Bestseller*

*Sailor Twain is a Graphic Novel Reporter Best Book of Fall 2012*

*Sailor Twain is a Publishers Weekly Top Ten Graphic Novels of Fall 2012*

* 10 Great Graphic Novels of 2012 *

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*TIME* Seven Best Graphic Novels



*BOOKLIST STARRED REVIEW* “Absolutely not to be missed.”


USA TODAY: Jane Austen. Herman Melville. Joseph Conrad. Those were the inspirations for Mark Siegel’s two-year serialization of his period graphic novel Sailor Twain, or the Mermaid in the Hudson, and his book — now in stores — pushes Siegel ever closer to being added to that list of classic authors.(…) Siegel’s Sailor Twain sings a classic siren’s call.”

BoingBoing Review: “This is a stupendous work, a beautiful and sad and lovely thing.”

The great Glen Weldon on NPR: “The Refreshingly Murky, Mysterious, Mist-Shrouded ‘Sailor Twain’”

The Miami Herald: “… a lyrical and fascinating fable, full of love, magic and grief.” Review: “Sailor Twain got to me.”

Barnes & Noble Review: “Siegel’s expert prose is matched by his superb artwork. His uncolored pencils and charcoals include a vast variety of line weights and shadings that beautifully convey everything from rain and smoke to wood and stone, fish scales and female skin.”

Comics Alliance: “I suppose ultimately it will be up to future critics, literary scholars and canon-keepers to decide if graphic novels are up for consideration when it comes to the title of The Great American Novel. For now, I feel it’s safe to, at the very least, declare Siegel’s graphic novel both American and Great with a capital ‘G.’”

Graphic Novel Reporter: Sailor Twain is not a mermaid story for children, but it is one for the ages.”

Comics Observer: An absolutely charming tale (…) Illicit affairs, intrigue, mysterious figures, feverish lust, and restless drowned souls are interwoven in this lurid tale with more twists and turns than a school of guppies running from trout.

Guys Lit Wire Review: “I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

iO9 review: “A tale of lust, desire, and lost hearts, wrapped in a shivery otherwordliness.”

Criminal Element review: “Marvelous.”

Romantic Times Review: “An astounding story entwining three lives on a magical journey.”

The Onion review: “a bold and beautiful book”

Comics Bulletin Review: “Impressive.”

The Guardian UK Blog Review: “A mysterious and beguiling love story.”

IcV2 Review: “An innovative supernatural and romantic tale.”

Comic Book Resources Robot 6 Review: “Enchanting.”

Comics Waiting Room Review: “Astonishing.”



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