New York & Hudson River :

The treasure trove! The New York Historical Society

Ephemeral New York—full of goodies

The Bowery Boys—essential!

A beauty on the river, a marvelous way to experience the Hudson, with a crew of some of its greatest champions, Pete Seeger’s beloved Clearwater

The Hudson River Valley Review—from the Hudson River Valley Institute, gateway to the historic Hudson Valley!

Millbrook Winery is a flagship Hudson Valley winery. Their Tocai Friulano is served up and down the river towns for good reason.

Whitecliffe Winery: another Hudson Valley award-winning vineyard

Len Tantillo seems to take color photos of the Hudson’s past, including in the days of Sailor Twain, like this one.


The Vanishing Art of Letter Writing?

Victorian Rituals an introduction

Letters, Letter-writing and Other Intimate Discourse, by Wendy Russ—lots of links to more

On Victorian letter-writing manuals, from Victorianweb.org


For map lovers

Matt Knutzen’s blog of the priceless New York Public Library Maps Division

Strange Maps! (thanks, Warren!)

Historical Charts: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) keeps a list of historical navigation charts, and here is clickable, zoomable example of what the pilot Utterson and Twain would have been using aboard the Lorelei (this one from 1865) (Thanks, Anne!)

The David Rumsey maps database: tons of searchable maps! (Thanks, David!)



From the University of Texas, a magnificently illustrated Glossary of Victorian Sartorial Terms!

Superb photo exhibits at Clio Visualizing History.

Dating in the Victorian Age: “The Unsuitable Suitor of 1879″—from Victoriana.com



Essential tool for historic typography: MyFonts.com


A few outstanding WEBCOMICS (but who has time for that?)

Tune—from the virtuoso Derek Kirk Kim, a new panel every day.

Friends with Boys—by the incomparable Faith Erin Hicks

HARK! A VAGRANT—Kate Beaton! The must-read for lovers of wit and history and everyone else too. And for the occasional saucy mermaids.

kate beaton, kate beaton, wid' er most men is smeetten

Lovelace & Babbage by the marvelous Sydney Padua

The Meek by Der-Shing

The Realist—by the crazy-talented Asaf Hanuka, exquisite and compelling

The Act-i-vate Studio—The New York comics scene in full blossom, in our time!

Dinosaur Comics

Fábio Moon & Gabriel —Brazil’s Wonder Twins; man are they good

Mermaid Hostel—Jen Vaughn’s mermaid-laden weekly underwater webcomic

AXE COP—the viral sensation co-created by the 5 year old Malachai Nicolle


Astronaut Elementary—Dave Roman’s every Friday treat

Seamonster —atmospheric and mysterious for those of us who like that sort of thing (!)


Templar, Arizona

Octopus Pie

Dresden Codak

Johnny Wander

Questionable Content

A Softer World

XKCD —ultra hugely popular and for good reason

Diesel Sweeties

Bad Machinery


Cat and Girl


Double Fine Action Comics

Anders Loves Maria—romance aplenty

Great T-Shirts and Prints:

The blog about Webcomics:


Comics culture:

The Beat

The Comics Reporter


Comic Book Resources

JOURNALISTA!—from the good folks at The Comics Journal

WORLD CLASS TALENTS—Artists and Writers of First Second:

Nick Abadzis
Abel, Jessica
Bernier, Matt
Bertozzi, Nick
Blain, Christophe
Brosgol, Vera
Bruchac, Joseph
Cavallaro, Mike
Clinton, Catherine
Cook, Greg
Dalrymple, Farel
Doctorow, Cory
Flood, Joe
Florido, Hilary
Fraser, Simon
Frederick-Frost, Alexis
Frizell, St. John
Giallongo, Zack
Guibert, Emmanuel
Hanuka, Asaf
Hanuka, Tomer
Hatke, Ben
Hicks, Faith Erin
Hill, Jonathan
Infurnari, Joe
Jablonski, Carla
Kim, Derek Kirk
Kindt, Matt
Klavan, Lawrence
Klein, Grady
Knisley, Lucy
Lavie, Boaz
Liew, Sonny
Madden, Matt
McCloud, Scott
McDonald, Craig
Myrick, Leland
Nicholls, Stan
Novgorodoff, Danica
O’Connor, George
Ottaviani, Jim
Parme, Fabrice
Pedrosa, Cyril
Petty, J.T.
Pham, LeUyen
Pham, Thien
Pien, Lark
Pleece, Warren
Pope, Paul
Powell, Nate
Purvis, Leland
Puvilland, Alex
Ralph, Brian
Rapp, Adam
Renier, Aaron
Reed, MK
Roman, Dave
Sala, Richard
Sfar, Joann
Shen, Linda
Soria, Gabe
Stassen, J.P.
Sturm, James
Trondheim, Lewis
Varon, Sara
Wicks, Maris
Yang, Gene
Yakin, Boaz
Yolen, Jane
Yu, Chun