SAILOR TWAIN PLAYLISTS (updates every now and again—thank you all for sending these tunes that resonate either to Sailor Twain themes, or its mood.)

Rivers, Ships, and Sailors

  1. “A Quai” by Yann Thiersen, from the soundtrack of Amélie [YouTube]
  2. “Another New World,” by Josh Ritter, from “So Runs the World Away” [YouTube]
  3. “The Mariner’s Revenge,” by The Decemberists, from “Picaresque” [YouTube]

Twain Themes

  1. “La Soñadora” by Enya, from “The Memory of Trees” [YouTube]
  2. “Song to the Siren” by the Cocteau Twins from “This Mortal Coil” [YouTube]
  3. “Annan Water” by The Decemberists, from “Hazards of Love” [YouTube]
  4. “Lilac Wine” cover by Jeff Buckley [YouTube] but also this version and video by The Cinematic Orchestra: [YouTube]
  5. “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse, preferably the uncensored version, which apparently isn’t on YouTube.
  6. “Maple Leaf Rag” composed and performed by Scott Joplin (actual recording of Joplin playing) [YouTube]
  7. “Pearl’s a Singer” by the great Elkie Brooks [YouTube]

The RAIN playlist

  1. “Record Year for Rainfall,” by the Decemberists!
  2. “It’s a Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall” by Bob Dylan
  3. “Here Comes the Rain Again,” by the Eurythmics
  4. “Il Pleut,” by Jacques Brel
  5. “Love Reign O’er Me,” by the Who
  6. “I wish it would rain down” by Phil collins
  7. “Rain” by Breaking Benjamin
  8. “November rain” by Guns and Roses
  9. “Dancing for rain” by Rise Against
  10. “Tunguska” by Darkest Hour
  11. “Dry the Rain” by the Beta Band
  12. “I’ll Take the Rain,” by R.E.M.
  13. “Didn’t It Rain” by Mahalia Jackson
  14. “Happy When It Rains” by The Jesus and Mary Chain
  15. “Walking In the Rain” by The Ronettes
  16. “Hands Like Rain” by James McMurtry
  17. “Come Rain or Come Shine” by Ray Charles
  18. “So. Central Rain” by R.E.M.
  19. “After the Rain” by Kim Weston –  (obscure and super-fine Motown, dixit Jim O)
  20. “Rain Rain Beautiful Rain” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  21. Fallin’ Rain by Calexico
  22. Pray for Rain by Massive Attack
  23. Rains on MeMake it Rain Tom Waits
  24. I Hear the Rain by The Violent Femmes
  25. The Rain by Melody Gardot
  26. Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain by The Cascades
  27. Have you ever seen the rain? by the Creedence Clearwater Revival
  28. Rain by José Feliciano
  29. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by Burt Bacharach
  30. Sitting In The Rain by John Mayall
  31. Let It Rain, by Derek and the Dominos
  32. When the rain came down” by Happy Rhodes
  33. Red Rain, by Peter Gabriel
  34. Who’ll Stop The Rain, Creedence Clearwater Revival
  35. Singin’ in the Rain, Gene Kelly

    A Little Operatic Grandeur

    1. “O Pastor,” by Madredeus, from “Madredeus” [YouTube]
    2. “The Infanta,” by The Decemberists, from “Picaresque” [YouTube]
    3. “You Lost Me,” by Christina Aguilera (Yes, yes, really. Just listen to that voice.) [YouTube]

    Other Onboard Pleasures

    1. “The Waters of March,” sung by Susannah McCorkle [YouTube]
    2. “Overture from Tannhauser,” by Richard Wagner [YouTube]
    3. “La Mer” by Debussy, Movement 1 [YouTube]
    4. “Moon River,” sung by Andy Williams [YouTube]
    5. “The Mermaid” by Great Big Sea [YouTube]
    6. “Sailor Song,” by The Gadsdens [YouTube]
    7. “From My Own True Love,” by The Decemberists [YouTube]
    8. “The Curse,” by Josh Ritter from “So Runs the World Away” [YouTube]
    9. “Wild is the Wind,” performed by David Bowie [YouTube]



    Sailor Twain Reading—

    “Masters of Black and White”


    “New York History & Hudson River”




    Below is Matt Knutzen’s movie from the NYPL’s ‘Mapping the Hudson’ exhibit—where he overlays Google Earth with the 1890′s “Hudson by Daylight” map. The result: you can glide over the Lorelei’s journey in Sailor Twain, from Manhattan to Albany.