Dear Fellow Twainers,

I confess I feel a tinge of melancholy bringing our voyage to a close soon… Between the end of the online serial and the book’s release in October, I’m thinking of posting little Twain extras and history bits and such, every Wednesday, though. Sound like a good idea?

We have shared a great many things, you and I in these two years we’ve spent on the Hudson. I couldn’t have guessed the captain’s blog would become what it is now. It’s got a lot on 19th century New York and the Hudson, known and less known… Plus the art entries—who was your favorite Master of Black and White? Remember some of them? Thomas Hart Benton, Gustave Doré, Rockwell Kent, Wanda Gág, and many others?

Sorry to those who of you sent photos and later cameo requests—I had to finish! And yes, it is too late now, as the book is actually on a big printing press somewhere, being made… I looked through the email logs, and there were alas a good many of you that came in after I was wrapping up. I’ll try and see if new cameo drawings can find their way into the Wednesday entries, okay?

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And thank you thank you thank you for your very touching support for Sailor Twain—and most recently for pre-ordering the book. And if you feel so inclined, please share the link to the pre-orders page with your friends (real and Facebook):

Even here in seductive Asheville, NC, where I’m writing to you now, I meet some of you—and it’s pure magic.

Again, after our tale is told there will be blog entries, little extras. I’m just not yet ready to forego our onboard chats!