… yet!

It is appearing in various online stores now that it has its very own ISBN, but I’ve been asked to relay this message to you my friends and Fellow Twainers: if you were planning to pre-order a copy of the book, please wait so we can all do it on a certain date. As soon as I know what that date is, I’ll let you know. Something about ratings or rankings or something.

ABOUT THE BOOK COVER: As InPhobos recently pointed out, it has gotten out (with aforementioned ISBN), even though it’s not final. The subtitle script may get fine-tuned, and a few other design elements may appear, but this is the cover! The one the book will be entirely judged by!

Here are the prior thumbnails I turned in for discussion with my good editor and designer . . . I do think we ended up with the right cover concept. Do you think any of these would be worth finishing as a nice poster? Click for larger, zoomable image.