Ship’s Notices

Some Sailor Twain news: later this week, the French version starts serializing online! I’m so pleased to announce that Gallimard is the first house to translate it—and what a house! Gallimard is one of the oldest and most prestigious publishers in France, and a great honor to call it the berth of La Lorelei.

They’re launching the serial in time with the Angoulême Comics Festival, and releasing the French printed edition to coincide with the following Angoulême in 2013.

It pleases me no end that Twain is first appearing in English and French. From the start, our Captain (make that plural as of today’s page) and Lafayette were a study in contrasts between Gallic and Anglo-Saxon moralities (but their story arcs may seem to cross like ship’s in the night)… So at that level France and America—and their love-hate dance—make a vital thread of the story.

Sailor Twain in French will start with a batch of 40 pages, and then serialize once a week seven pages at a time—a chance to experiment with a different rhythm. What do you think? That will be different from our M/W/F… I’m curious to see how this unfolds. And any ideas for making it contagious, and encouraging French Twainers to share it with friends?


Speaking of which: care to help make a push for new readers? 335 pages to catch up may be daunting for some, but who knows, just start a few friends on page one with this short link?

You can also use the custom invitations on the INVITE A FRIEND PAGE—the message text is now slightly improved.

Your support is greatly appreciated. If this whole experiment can prove itself, it doesn’t have to be a one-off.


And lastly, the results are in from our Sailor Twain movie dream cast—hands down clear choices for the actors, if it’s up to our vote… See for yourself at the Sailor Twain Facebook questionnaires (and add your casting choice if you haven’t already!)

Thanks you all—what buona conversazione we’re having these days!