Three cameos today: Amedeo T., Carol V. and Sarah S., better known onboard as Arabia!


For those who like to ferret out Sailor Twain’s little visual secrets, there is a running thread in the story’s weave which plays on hats, hairpieces and hair-dos. The braid on the page before this one (page 330), relates not only to that moment between Lafayette and Camomille, but to the entire sequence unfolding right now.

Andrew Wyeth’s “Braids” from the Helga series

Mid-19th century hairstyles

19th century Mourning Bracelet

Victorian Mourning Brooch (both above swiped from the Jeanine Payer Studio site)

Braiding has so many interesting connotations of weaving, binding, releasing…


And who knew there was such a thing as hair porn?