This holiday break is no rest for me! I’m taking advantage of the time off and ploughing on hard with Twain pages…

There were some fun cameos on this page (hey some of you come alive as characters, and I could see some spin-off comics)—

Panel 5: Daniel C. aka Mermaidan (what’s at the other end of that fish tail?), and Mary B., and Kelly C. all mesmerized by a sudden appearance…

Panel 7: more hypnotized denizens of World’s End—Lauren M. aka Jane, aka Sleepless Fish, aka Lauren! In the back is Laura S. and next to her is Nina T.

It’s hard enough getting your likeness without the big bright 21st century smiles… Now I had to imagine you slightly frozen by the presence of South. Hope there’s still some resemblance!

Hope some of you will play and tell all of us how you landed up in World’s End.

Many thanks, Fellow Twainers. I so enjoy sharing this journey with you.

(Yikes, many cameos ahead. And far fewer pages to put them into. I cut the courtroom scene and a few other crowd-heavy ones… I might have to close out the cameo invitation sometime soon.)