Back to Black

Thank you for the amazing conversations all over the decks of the Lorelei these days… As many of you have mentioned, Amy Winehouse has a cameo role in this thread of the story. She has been a leading influence since the character of Ella Wylie was first written into the script, several years ago. On the page above, that last panel was the insistent image in my mind, and pulling on that thread brought out the present strands of our story… I knew Ella would have Amy’s features, but I didn’t think that a) she would be easily recognizable (but then you’re giving me lots of practice with your many cameos!) or b) Amy Winehouse would go and die just as these pages were about to release.

I thought if a ST movie were made, Amy Winehouse could have played Ella. Now that’s never going to happen, and she really is trapped in World’s End.