Dear Fellow Twainers,

Hope you in the States have had a lovely Thanksgiving. Someone once said to me “people come in two kinds: those who count their blessings and assholes” and over the years, I see more and more wisdom in that. I’m ever grateful for your good companionship on this odd adventure. I wish we could drink some magic potion and meet together in 1887 on a rainy day in New York and stroll down Fifth Avenue.

Back on page 305, I brazenly copied a double-decker trolley out of the pages of Harper’s Weekly—granted, with a few cameos of some of you thrown in for good measure… See for yourself:

In Twain’s day, the above coach took an hour and a half to make the round trip up and down Fifth Avenue, for a fare of ten cents each way. Some people used to get places, but more often than not, it was just a relaxing treat to ride the Fifth Avenue tram back and forth, pulled by three horses abreast.

And to continue a little paean to late 19th Century New York’s Fifth Avenue— here’s another shot of it from Colin Campbell Cooper:

And a couple more Fifth Avenue views from the 1890s from the mighty Childe Hassam: