Samantha Bullat the Couture Courtesan

Costumed re-enactors are the best reference for historical projects! Better yet: trying a costume on oneself. From volumes to light and shade, to textures and fabric weight, it’s almost impossible to get all that from photos and illustrations alone.

There’s one designer of historical costumes with remarkable artistry (and if I’m not mistaken, a Fellow Twainer too?) called Samantha Bullat. On her Facebook page, she regularly posts her latest creations—lovingly made and beautifully modeled besides.

From several periods—all handmade to exacting standards of accuracy…

The following is from an interesting article she wrote for the Examiner, about Civil War Costuming Basics:

Samantha Bullat in 1860s silk gown (photo credit: Kelsey Huebscher)

Check out lots more of Samantha’s exquisite work at her LiveJournal and on her blog The Couture Courtesan.