Striking view of the Hudson from West Point Academy:

Another 19th century view from West Point up the Hudson, from Charles Herbert Moore:

And in our day and age, in 2005, the fine LoisMcLure passing in front of West Point

West Point has a great many stories inextricably woven into America’s fabric, and into the Hudson’s too. It does feature in Sailor Twain as you know. And perhaps most importantly, it’s right near a bend in the river, most treacherous and deep—called WORLD’S END. And that, O you lovely fellow passengers on the Lorelei, is relevant to our captain’s unfolding tale.

(Anyone in NY know this little riverside café in Garrison? )

Let’s consult our trusty 1890′s “Hudson by Daylight” map, courtesy of the NYPL—

An evocative picture of World’s End in winter, from Chris Pinkus: