No cameo appearances this scene… More of them coming up in a few pages, but I realized if I’m to do them right, it’s going to be a while before you all appear!

Speaking of cameos: mermaidan, I need something a little higher resolution! I can barely see your face.

So okay, let’s do this: since some of you won’t be appearing onboard (or somewhere in the story, especially in Part III, a number of you) for some time—I’m going to draw you some little twainy portraits for your avatar over the next few weeks. And that means some of you lurking around the ship silently may be nudged to comment, so you can show your 1887 face! Make sense?

Here are three of you, though in this case, we’ve heard from all of you lately—hope to hear more!

Karikatzi, in full saloon splendor.

Mattie G. not to be confused with Mattie A.

Mary Beth W. faithful traveler since the Lorelei’s maiden voyage.

Now… What of their stories?

Where was Karikatzi before she started performing in a Tennessee Saloon? When and why did she travel on the Lorelei? And what is it like when she sings? And who are these western cowboy types traveling with her? One of them has cumbersome luggage with what looks like a flying contraption.

Mattie G. was overheard saying the train ride from Washington came in late, when she boarded in Manhattan. The way she tended to a fainting passenger—is she a nurse by trade? But if so, why is she carrying a Colt 45 in her purse?

And Mary Beth W. has a stateroom on the second level in the atrium. The suite is large, but she seems to be entertaining there a great deal. One of Miss Carr’s maids reported there were great quantities of Boston brewed beer stocked in that cabin last week, but they were all gone today.

Anyone have any more ship gossip about these mysterious passengers?