Top Signs That Your Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Unit Needs Repairs

The HVAC unit in your home plays a key role in determining the quality of lifestyle you enjoy in your residence. Even if you have a state-of-art unit, it may end malfunctioning over time due to normal wear and tear. Sadly, most homeowners do not know the signs that indicate that their HVAC unit may need repairs. To ensure that your system operates optimally throughout the year, you should first understand how your system works. This will help you understand when any malfunction or damages to the unit occur. Additionally, you should get your unit inspected and serviced regularly. In this article, the discussion will feature the top signs that indicate you need to get air conditioning repair services.

1. Your unit produces strange Noises

Normally, your HVAC unit should only produce a silent hum while it is in operation. If you start noticing strange noises emanating from your unit, it is in an indication that there are faulty internal components that need to be fixed.

2. Strange odors in your home

When functioning optimally, your HVAC unit should get rid of odors and other smells from your home. If you notice that there is a strange odor in your home that you cannot get rid of, it simply means that your unit is not functioning effectively. Lingering odors may indicate the air circulation mechanism in your unit has been compromised.

3. Excess humidity

Your unit should get rid of excess humidity in your home. This means that the air should always be fresh and clean instead of musty and heavy. If you feel that there is excess humidity in your home, it is an indication that it is time to seek air conditioning repair services from a seasoned technician.

4. Faulty thermostat

The thermostat usually regulates how your HVAC unit functions. If you set your thermostat and there is a discrepancy between your settings and the results from the air conditioning system, it means that you either have a faulty thermostat or your unit is damaged.

5. You can spot water leaks

Under normal circumstances, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system should not have any leaks. If you can spot leaks around the air vents, it is an indication that your internal unit is damaged. Identifying leaks on your exterior unit can be hard especially if you do not understand the technical workings of your unit. However, if your interior system is leaking, there is a high likelihood that your external unit is compromised. In case of leaks, call in a technician immediately for repairs.

6. Ineffective operation

If you notice that your unit is not operating as it usually does, it means that the unit has a malfunction. For example, you may notice dust speckles floating the air when you let light into a room, coats of dust on surfaces or even slow flow of air. The best way to understand which part(s) of your unit need repairs is to call in a skilled professional who can take your system apart and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis.

Tips on How to Keep Your HVAC Unit in Good Condition

You can avoid regular air conditioning repairs by carrying out some of the maintenance tasks highlighted below on your unit.

• Clearing any weeds and shrubs around your external unit

• Cleaning the fans in your unit periodically

• Changing the air filter in your unit regularly

• Acquiring genuine replacement parts when carrying out repairs

• Getting your unit inspected and serviced at least twice annually

• Ensuring that repairs are only done by a skilled and experienced air conditioning repair technician

Remember that if you fail to resolve any issues with your HVAC unit, they will end exacerbating as time passes. Eventually you may have to replace your entire heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Why take that risk when you can maintain your unit in prime condition by engaging seasoned air conditioning repair technician when you spot any of the signs discussed above?