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  1. Pearl River, China
    Pearl River, China

    So I followed Sailor Twain when it was serialized, but the slowness of my browser (behind the firewall in China) made it a tortuously protracted process which devoured my time like a mermaid obsession, so I dropped out. Two years later, I finally purchased the Kindle version, tore through it, scratched my head at the end, and came back to the website to re-read it in company with the echos of the Twainites of Two Years Past. What a comforting bunch they are. The best book club ever. However, @Mark, the Kindle version leaves something to be desired. The resolution is so tiny compared to those images that still remain here. I wish I had purchased the paper version instead, but it was less practical since I’m still here in China – where, BTW, I reside on the banks of the PEARL RIVER! (For a split second I thought that might be the answer to Pearl’s mystery, but she really doesn’t look even half Chinese. Oh well.) Anyway, there any chance the Kindle version could be re-tooled a little so it’s more zoomable?

  2. Mark

    Hi Eliza! Thanks so much for your new year’s eve message! Alas, I don’t think there are plans to retool the Kindle version, as far as I know. And so glad for your notes from PEARL RIVER! Actually she does end up at the west coast, and there’s a mysterious dragon in one of the old tales, and sisters, too. just saying.

    warm wishes


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