SAILOR TWAIN reviewed on What Culture!
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  1. ShyGaladriel

    Congratulations! Great job!!!

  2. Teowulf

    Congrats Mark! That’s really exciting!

  3. Mark

    Thanks, Theo, thanks Shy Galadriel—hey I followed through to your tumblr and it’s beautiful! Are you in animation?

  4. Anne M.

    Brilliant, Mark! I will cross everything I’ve got ~ not that you need the luck. Cheers!!

  5. inPhobos

    Wow – excellent news, and without any doubt well deserved!

  6. Colin M
    Colin M

    Congratulations Mark on Sailor Twain’s success and rising profile, well deserved, don’t know if you caught my recent mermaid themed review here in the UK?

  7. Kevin

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that the Kindle version of your book doesn’t work. I’ve downloaded (and have had refunded) two separate versions… Went through all the troubleshooting with Amazon trying to get it to work. You might want to check on it. I personally would really love to read it, but can’t buy the physical book currently.

  8. inPhobos

    It has taken me a while, but finally my NaNoWriMo 2012 Novel is converted to an e-book and is available for download. “More Than Six Feet Under” is Fan-Fiction in Mark Siegel’s Sailor Twain universe, and it comes with the Short Story “Blood Song” by Nicole Villacres. So you get two stories – with intersecting story lines. Just follow the link underneath my username.

  9. Faye Wilder
    Faye Wilder

    How do I buy it?!

  10. Mario R.
    Mario R.

    [loudest cheer you've ever heard]

  11. Mark

    Hi Faye—anywhere, online or your favorite bookstore…

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